About Me

I consider myself a fiber artist and designer.  I especially love to knit and love color, yarns, and fiber art.

I learned how to knit in 1984 in Vermont by a Norwegian woman, who had over 50 years knitting experience and owned Norway Design in Winooski.  She taught me to knit the Continental way, using multiple colored yarns knit on tiny circular needles.  Making mostly Norwegian ski sweaters, I became very patient because each sweater averaged about 1000 hours to knit!   

With my new love for knitting, I went on to take knitting refinements and later spinning in Leicester, VT, taught by a British woman, who specialized in spinning gorgeous yarns and custom designing sweaters.  I became a member of the Twist of Wool spinning guild and participated in the Addison County Field Days (a county fair), and was part of the spinning demonstration group.  There are many forms of fiber art in Vermont, so I decided to also learn wet felting and weaving.

The main miracle I received by learning how to knit was that I quit smoking!  Quit and Knit!  It's the perfect way to replace such a bad habit!  God answered my prayer to replace smoking with something much better!  Being a native New Yorker, I try to visit NYC whenever I can!  I also miss Long Island very much, especially the beach!