Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bryant Park, NYC

We went to NYC on December 13th (my birthday) and toured around Bryant Park. They had a nice Christmas tree and the skating rink was very busy that day. There are many small shops at their outdoor market. Bryant Park is also famous for Fashion Week.

Here are some colorful chairs next to the skating rink - just had to take a picture.

We stopped to snap this photo of the Empire State Building - way, way in the background!

Bryant Park has a nice old-fashioned Merry-go-round!

It was a nice day, although we were quite chilly and we walked a lot. I paid $17.50 for two hot chocolates at la Maison du Chocolat! They were good, but a little pricey! Oh well, welcome to NY! Be prepared to spend a million dollars if you buy their candy and chocolate too!

Also, for lunch, try Cafe BXL - it's a reasonably priced Belgian cafe and they had the best French Onion Soup and Belgian waffles for dessert!

Finally, here's my little Fiona. She was happy that we finally came home to see her.

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KarenHarveyCox said...

These are really nice photos Susan. Sarah is feeling better tonight, but I think I am just beginning to feel better. Just hope that I am better for Friday's appointment. Talk to you soon. Love, Karen