Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sewing With Stretch Knits

I recently took a course to learn how to sew with stretch knit fabrics. I also bought a serger (Babylock Image Wave). It's fun and easy to use.

Here's the top that I made with a nice stretch knit jersey fabric:

The collar was tricky:

Fiona helped me today as I took these photos! She's my Scottie-Poo.

This is a picture of a Babylock Imagine Wave serger. You need 4 spools of thread, it trims and binds the edge of the fabric as you sew.

And here are the side seam stitches on the inside of my new top:

Here's a side view:

And the collar:
It was difficult to match the thread to this pattern, but I used a seafoam color and it worked out well.

It's very comfortable to wear and I am happy I finished it!
Au revoir!


Sewfast said...

Very pretty! Nice job!

KarenHarveyCox said...

This came out beautiful. I love the post too, say hi to Fiona for me. Thanks for showing the serger, now I know what itlooks like.

Have a beautiful Monday.


Vanessa said...

Great job! Did you use a regular machine for the collar overstitch? Or does your serger do that too?? I just got mine recently and am still learning on my own. There are no classes around here that I've found, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough. :)

Also, where do you get such pretty knit fabric!? I'm having a hard time finding anything other than solids (in stores).