Sunday, August 30, 2009

God and Wool

Working with wool helps me to feel connected to God. When you wash sheep fleece for spinning yarn - it turns pure white as soon as you dip it in the warm soapy water. When I would prepare the fleece for spinning, it would make me think about the profoundness of God's Word in Psalm 51:7 - because the fleece would turn whiter than snow!

"Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me,
and I shall be whiter than snow."

It's not only one of the most perfect fibers to work with too, but it's also warm and protects us from the elements - just like God! When you work with the wool, it brings a sense of connectedness to Him. Working with wool can also help to bring you toward healing and wholeness. My friend had cancer and she started needle felting and working with fleece at that time. She mentioned that it was therapeutic for her to work with the wool and made her feel connected to Him.

Blind people can learn to spin yarn. Isn't this profound? Maybe not having to see as the yarn is spun can teach us something about faith!

Working with wool also gives you a sense of accomplishment, that you made something that has a purpose. Maybe God wants us to realize that He created us with a purpose too.

As a knitter, I feel it is a privilege to work with wool and I thank God that I learned how to knit, especially since it is the reason why I quit smoking cigarettes just about 25 years ago!

Stay Inspired! Don't be stressed; be blessed!


Denise said...

You are a blessing.

Anonymous said...

I love wool too but you have taught me things I didn't know about it. I have done a lot of knitting and wool and cotton are my favorite yarns. I like the natural stuff. God has certainly supplied us with everything we need or ever will need. Thank you for sharing this insight on Spiritual Sundays.
Have a great week.

RCUBEs said...

It's amazing that God had instilled in us different talents. That's a healthy way to overcome the bad habit of smoking...Everything surely is for Him, through Him and in Him. Blessings.

Clif said...

Wow! Impressive post. I just read my wife's (Charlotte) comment and I agree with what she said about God supplying everything we need. I don't know anything about knitting but your post is certainly enlightening on the subject. Thanks for posting.

enchanting cottage said...

What a wonderful way to feel when working with wool. I don't know how to knit but this inspires me to learn.Thank-you for such a uplifting post.
God Bless,

Mary said...

This was wonderful...God does have purpose for each and every one of us. Wonderful analogy and insight!


Terry Finley said...

I like your blog.

Terry Finley