Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Organic Garden Update

Here's an update on Stone Wall Organic Garden:

There are a million tomatoes and I've been blanching and freezing just about everything. I feel like I am playing "Twister" while I pick the tomatoes. We have 70 tomato plants - my new name is "Farmer Girl!"

We also bought a "FoodSaver" - see link on side bar for more information. It takes the air out of the bag as your food is sealed. That way your food can last much, much longer in your freezer. Years even!

We have some mega zucchinis like this one:

The cucumbers are excellent! Here's one:

Wax beans are like bananas - look how big!
This is oregano. The watermelon is spreading, however, so I had to put bricks around the oregano to protect it. It's very mild oregano and tastes good in salads too! Drying it will bring out the true oregano flavor for seasoning.

Here's one of the baby watermelons starting. This was last week (7/26/09), but as of today -8/5/09 - it's the size of a bowling ball!
Oy vey! - we are going to have many watermelons!

Here's a turnip - I blanched, cut and froze most of the turnips using the FoodSaver.

Here's some beets - I boiled them, cooled them off (following the Barefoot Contessa's recipe), removed the skins (wearing rubber gloves of course - or else I would have purple hands!), cut them into small sections, marinated them in Julia Child's vinegrette recipe, and sliced fresh onion like my Grandmother used to do. Very good food!

Here are some carrots. I will have a separate post showing more photos. I also made a video of the carrots and will post it on YouTube. They are rainbow carrots and we harvested about 50 lbs!

The broccoli is starting - not too bad for the first planting.

This tomato looks like a turtle with a smile:

Here's our basil. I am going to make pesto, providing I can find REAL pine nuts that are NOT FROM CHINA! Do you believe it? I am going to look in an Italian market for pine nuts FROM ITALY!

Here are some onions and leeks:

The parsley is holding up and it's very flavorful:

Every time I look at the cabbages, I am reminded of Peter Rabbit:

The potatoes are almost ready too. We've harvested some. There are red potatoes and Yukon gold.
That's it for now.
Au revoir!

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