Monday, May 3, 2010

Handmade Journal

This is my first attempt to make a handmade book. The cover was needlepunched using my Baby Lock Embellisher. I decided to make it into a handmade journal. This is the front cover with a matching flower with tiny peach pearls. I used tea dyed scrim, netting, silk, a nice sheer fabric and bits of peach dyed fleece.
The book has 8 watercolor pages - using Arches (pronounced "Arsh) made in France. It's the best watercolor paper to use if you are a painter. You could use this book as a watercolor journal. I was also thinking it would be perfect for a garden party as a guest book. Maybe add a paint set to the table for your guests to "paint in" instead of sign in!

The font and back covers have a 300 lb Arches watercolor paper too - just to add a bit of sturdiness to the outer fabric.
Here's a close up of the cheesecloth that I dyed in raspberry tea.

Here is a close-up of the tiny peach pearls sewn onto hand-dyed silk from England.
The spine of the journal is tied with green silk.
A shot of the inside back cover. I added some of the original fabric to cushion and soften the inside.
Thank you for looking.
Auf Wiedersehen! Danke!


Vintagepaintings said...

I love your work! Beautiful book:)
Regards from Solveig in Norway

Brook said...

love your work and visit often. Today It came up that I am from Chino, Why??? Never lived there.I am from Sun City, CA. I have moved and changed my blog from typepad to blogspot and finally unpacked hope to be back in blogland this weekend and my shops very soon.Theredchairstudio and PosiesPearlsandPalette both blogs and shops need me lol Brook

An Aussie Felter said...

Love your journal - the colours are beautiful!

Butterfly Works said...

This journal cover is delicate and soft...Great job...
Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining....Love your blog....
Hugs and blessings