Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Hi Everyone!

I've posted some photos from last Christmas to get into the Christmas Spirit. This nativity set is hand-carved from Israel. It's very nice!

This photo was not planned! Look at the light stream over the Baby Jesus!

I really like red candles and red glass at Christmas.

Here are some of my decorations. The taller Santa in the background is made out of paper mache and real sheep fleece for his hair and beard.

The angel in front of the Santa was purchased at the Salvation Army. She was only 25 cents!

This is another photo of the angel in the center background. She looks so peaceful!

Here's my hand-carved Noah and an elephant.

My sister sent me this Santa ornament when she lived in Hong Kong.

Here's a couple of my hand-made, cranky Santas.
They are made with paper mache, real sheep fleece, and hand painted.

Take care!

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Butterfly Works said...

I love all your Christmas makes decorating more special to use items that have meaning and have memories attached......It's always special to bring out those special pieces and remember for a moment before they are put in their assigned place....
Have fun.....