Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zurich Walking Tour

I finally made it to Zurich, Switzerland and went on a private walking tour through the city. This is basically a shot of the giant clock (largest in Europe!) from the center of the Bahnhoffstrasse.

This is a famous rathskeller, Zeughauskeller, where the bankers go for lunch.

Here's another famous restaurant - Bindella - with it's pretty pink paint.

Zeughauskellar has cute cannons on each side of the entryway. The pigeons were posing.

This store is like Macy's! I had it on my to-do list, because I had read on another blog that they sold yarn on the 4th floor. It's true!

I bought a 2-pair-of-socks kit, with 4 skeins of very soft superwash wool (2 gray and 2 multi). It included a pattern (in German, French, and Italian of course) and 5 sock needles! I was surprised at the good price too, of 12.00 Swiss Francs, which is about the same in US dollars.

They had other really nice yarn in that department. They also carried art supplies, sewing notions and felting stuff. What a riot! I went to the top floor and had Swiss coffee and pound cake in their excellent restaurant. It's like a smorgasbord of anything and everything Swiss. It was very crowded.

I highly recommend that you visit Manor when you go to Zurich.

This photo is over a doorway of the rathskeller restaurant.

Some trolly cars in the banking district.

More Zeughhauskeller images:

I just had to take a photo of this boutique - It's named Bob!

Some Swiss flags.

Apparently, the seagull found a resting place on this statue's head.

This little Cairn Terrier was so interested in my camera. In my broken German I said: "Mein photoapparat ist nicht einen Hundekuchen." I was trying to say: My camera is not a dog bisquit. I believe the owners said his name was Manny. He was very curious. Maybe I looked familiar to him?

More clock tower.

I am not sure what this is, but it was pretty.

This is embedded on the sides of the bridge openings. You can see them below.

There are many nice roof gardens all over the city. They have hedges and nice terrace gardens.

Another clock closeup.

This is an interior design store.

Old world shutters and windows:

This is a picture of the Bellevue, which is right near Lake Zurich.

I loved the tiny white lights next to the blue shutters.

Altstadt - Antiquariat (Antique Books)

I found this really nice antique bookstore and asked if they had any fashion design books. The owner, Rita Schnellmann, brought me a stack of books that were 3 feet high! She was very nice, helpful, and speaks English. The books were in mint condition too.

These outdoor cafe tables were a nice shade of blue against the maroon stucco background.

There are cool iron entryway signs:

This is a nice greenhouse window:

More old world:

Here's a few more very narrow streets:

A very nice entryway with a gate:

Built-in stairs - very smart!


They even have swans swimming along the city lake:

The seagulls are tiny.

A very cool bicycle.

This is a boat house, which is normally open in the Summer.

Here is Lake Zurich. The main Lindt chocolate factory is somewhere in the distance on the upper left.

Here is the Lindt Chocolate company main headquaters.

Another shot of Zurich:

Gross Munsterplatz - I went to the "almost" top of one of the towers, which is 187 steps up. The stairs were a bit dangerous! The cathedral had very nice stained glass, but I didn't know if I could take pictures inside.

Near the "women's only" boathouse.

The clouds were rolling in, but it was still only 50 degrees and not too chilly for January.

The top floor of this building overlooking Lake Zurich is for rent for only 20,000 Swiss Francs per month!

When you buy a train ticket in Zurich, it is good for 24 hours on any of the forms of transportation - bus, train, tram and trolley.

Flower shop Primroses and pretty yellow flowers.

Another steep staircase. No wonder the Swiss are in good shape.

Das ist alles!
Bis bald!


Butterfly Works said...

What great pictures of a beautiful city....I felt like I was right there with you taking in all the gorgeous sites......

Have fun and be safe....

KarenHarveyCox said...

These photographs are wonderful Susan. You have always been an amazing photographer. So many interesting things to see. And that Fionna Twin! I am going to link it from my blog.


Vee said...

Your sister sent me to see all the pictures. I'm so glad that she did. I really enjoyed my time. One of my favorite bloggers Linds of Rocking Chair Reflections spends a lot of her time in Switzerland, but not in Zurich so I was surprised by the milder temps and lack of snow.

tijusai said...

Beautiful city and photos!