Sunday, May 1, 2011

Felted Mermaid

This is a felted mermaid from my felt collection. I made her about two years ago and wanted to finally post her on my blog.

The inspiration to make a mermaid came from making felt with yellow, blue, and green hand-dyed fleece. One of the pieces looked like a mermaid tail, so I started needle felting a body, face and finally added the curly sheep fleece for her hair.

She sits on my art supply shelf, next to collages and cards that my sister Karen made. Please visit her blog - Scrapbook of Inspiration.

You never know what can be created from some dyed sheep fleece!


NobleKnits said...

Your mermaid is so cute! I just started needle felting and it is very addicting. The concept is easy, but to get the results to look good take a bit of skill. She looks great, thanks for posting her. :)

Chester County Cottage Girl said...

just adore the little mermaid! Also love your site!