Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Organic Amish Strawberries and Tomatoes

These were hand picked on Monday!
Our favorite Amish farm stand is on Route 10 in Honeybrook, PA.  They grow everything without pesticides and claim to be organic.

 They have fresh raw milk, cream, butter and baked goods too.
Their tomatoes are ready -- believe it or not!  Grown in a greenhouse right now, but they are very good.
The regular tomatoes grown outside will be ready soon.  God has blessed the land around Lancaster!



Anonymous said...

Hello Susan, stopped by from your sister Karen's page. Love tomatoes and strawberries, especially their gorgeous red color. Thank you for sharing.
Love and blessings,

Karen Harvey Cox said...

Wonderful photographs Susan! I miss those farms so much and Jersey tomatoes too. See you next week Woohoo!!!

Love, Karen