Thursday, August 2, 2012

Walking Around Manhattan

Hi All,
We went to NYC on the NJ Transit train and I took the following photos.  As you can see, we got to Penn Station.  Then we took a cab to Greenwich Village.

We had lunch in an Italian Restaurant.  This was the view from my outdoor table.  Yes, it had red and white checkered table cloths too!  The weather was perfect 79 degrees and low humidity too!
Here is a cute building on Bleeker Street.

This is a funny cartoonish cab that I had to photograph!

More Greenwich Village photos.

This is a tea room that caught my eye.

I also stopped over at Mille-Feuille Bakery and bought outrageous French pastries to take home with us.  They specialize in macaroons.

552 Laguardia Pl.
New York, NY 10012
(between 3rd Street & Bleecker)

Next we headed toward NYU.  This is the NYU Law School Flag.

Washington Square Park.

There were tons of dogs everywhere this day.

This is the new building at ground zero.  It's going to be beautiful - I'm sure, but I still miss the Twin Towers and nothing will ever replace them!

Here is the fountain in the middle of  Washington Square Park.

I always notice rooftop gardens!

More dogs!

This photo is funny.  I saw the "Stay Cool" poster and had to snap this picture.

Another rooftop garden!

You can see the Empire State Building through the Washington Square Park archway.  This is the start of 5th Avenue.  We had a nice -- long -- walk back toward mid-town and the fashion district.

Here's the George Washington statue - this Policeman was cute posing below.

Next we walked toward the fashion district.

This is a neat walkway between the sky scrapers!

The Bryant Park Fountain was cool.  It reminded me of the fountains in Paris.

There are nice garden pots in the park.  There are tables and rocking chairs all around.

Here is the famous Merry-go-round.  It's opposite the entrance to the Bryant Park Hotel.  This is the park where "Fashion Week" takes place each year.

A little cute person was smiling when I took the photo!

I can't wait to go back to New York City in the Fall!

See ya!

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Karen Harvey Cox said...


What great photos, I love that carousel and that taxi is amazing. I expected Dick Tracy to get out of it and run down the street. Love all the photos, I am not familiar with that part of NYC. I went to the Village only once to visit my crazy friend Cathy Cagenese. Remember her the one with the blue raccoon coat? She lived there.

Love, Karen