Sunday, July 14, 2013

One Knit One Purl Has Another New Blog - Toile Botanicals!

Hi Everyone!

This is to announce my new French-inspired blog called Toile Botanicals.  It features my other favorite things in life, namely organics, teas, coffee, herbs and France, of course!

In the 1990s, I had a successful herbal tea business, but with interruptions in life, I had to relocate and close down.  Since that time, however, I found that I missed working with herbs and teas, so I recently decided that I wanted to start another small business.  

This time, I want to incorporate what I love into a business.  One thing that I believe is important is to shop for organic food and use organic ingredients whenever possible.  Additionally, one of my favorite places to visit is Paris and I love just about anything French.  So, after festering about this for the past few months . . . 
Voila!  I decided to create a line of organic products inspired by France!

Toile Botanicals will offer organic teas, organic herbs, organic whole bean coffee, and organic gourmet salts and spices, all with a subtle hint of France!   Products will be made in small batches to maximize freshness and flavor.

Currently, I have a line of organic teas, each with a fun French name.  The organic coffees will be posted soon, along with the gourmet Fleur de Sel (French culinary salt) blends, for baking and cooking.  I will be offering other spices and herbs, such as organic Herbes de Provence and organic lavender products.

Please visit my Toile Botanicals Etsy shop too - more items will be posted there soon!

Merci Beaucoup!


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