Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow and Ice Storms in Pennsylvania

Dear All,

In the last few weeks in Eastern PA, we have had two large snowstorms, followed by a nasty ice storm!  The first two photos show the cold front that came through.


We could tell that a storm was coming because the backyard birds were at the 
bird feeder most of the day!

We have 5 sets of Cardinals!

There are many birds in our yard, including cardinals, wrens, sparrows, giant woodpeckers, nut hatches, chickadees, and other varieties.

There was no wind, so the snow stayed pretty much in the same position on the trees.

Here's one of the deer behind our house searching for food.

More snow-covered trees in the yard.

Little Mr. Wren!

Then a few days later came the ice storm.  It covered the snow and started to bend the trees.   Here are some ice covered wires peeking through two Leland Cyprus trees!  It looks heart shaped!

These trees bent forward.

Our tall grasses fell down with ice.

Icy deck, chairs, and bird feeder.

The small Japanese Maple was covered without any damage!

Icy branches bending over our stone barn wall.

Finally, shiny branches and blue sky!

We didn't have power for 2 days!  Thank God my husband installed a generator last year!

Take care and be safe.


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Karen Harvey Cox said...

Wow Susan,

I hate the ice storms they cause so much harm. I love the photo of the snow and the deer in the background. I am glad that your power is finally on. I tried calling you and realized that the FaceTime was still on. I have to figure how to turn that off. Hope your Monday is a safer drive.

Love, Karen