Saturday, March 8, 2008

Labadie Looms - In the Amish Country

One of my favorite fiber art stores is Labadie Looms in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. If you are a fiber artist who loves interesting yarn shops, you must visit this store!

Here are some photos of the yarns and supplies sold at Labadie Looms:

Local Artisan Crafts; Spinning Wheels

Weaving Yarns


Shawls and Woven Products

Handspun Yarns from Local Artisans

Looms and Weaving Supplies

Sock Yarns

Rug Hooking Supplies

...and other Beautiful Yarns

Also, they have a large selection of Noro Yarn from Japan - it knits up striped! When you weave this yarn - it weaves a plaid!

This is one of the best stores to find locally spun yarns, looms, weaving and spinning supplies, rug hooking supplies, fleece and roving. They also give lessons in weaving, spinning, rug hooking and knitting.

If you vacation in the Amish Country, please make sure to visit Labadie Looms (717-291-8911).

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KarenHarveyCox said...

Thank you for the tour, I feel like I came along. These photos are gorgeous, this looks post looks like it came out of a magazine. So many different things to learn about yarn, just think of all the knowledge you have gained over the years. Lovely.
Love, Karen