Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Noro Yarn and Dog Fashion

Have you tried knitting with Noro Yarn yet? It's the latest "striping" yarn made in Japan. The colors are usually very calming , natural looking, and yummy. The yarn type chosen for this handknit dog sweater is made of 100% wool yarn from Noro, but you can also choose from other blends with silk and wool, mohair and wool, and a few others in different weights. As you knit, it naturally stripes, and ... if you weave it - you get a plaid! I will post a picture of my newest woven shawl very soon. The next time you go to your favorite yarn shop, ask for Noro.

Here is Tinker, a cute Min-Pin (Miniature Pinscher) from Pennsylvania, wearing an extra-small dog sweater from Fiona Couture Designs. The sweater is soft, very light, and keeps her very warm. Tinker is a very good girl and a very fashionable doggie!

To see more Fiona Couture Designs, please visit my Etsy Store. Keep knitting!

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