Sunday, July 6, 2008

Quit Smoking by Knitting!

First of all, if you want to quit smoking, knitting is the perfect way to get rid of that nasty habit. At the same time, you can make beautiful knitted gifts for your family and friends and renew your health and spirit.

I am living proof that you can quit smoking by knitting. Having been a smoker for ten years, I learned how to knit in 1984 and quit smoking cigarettes forever, COLD TURKEY! There were no withdrawals and no weight gain as well. The fruit of my labor produced many mittens, sweaters, and hats! Thank God!

Circular knitting is the main reason why you can quit smoking so easily when knitting. There’s no time to light up a cigarette, because you keep going around in a circle! This fingerless glove knitting pattern is my own design. It is very easy for the beginner knitter. All it takes is one 100 yard skein of worsted or bulky weight yarn. You will also need size 10 double-pointed needles.

Imagine the possible colors and styles you can make - while you quit smoking - of course!

This fingerless glove pattern is a 3-page PDF file (606kb) that I can send to you via e-mail. Please visit my Etsy store for more information.

Instead of smoking, start a good habit by knitting. Quit and Knit!


KarenHarveyCox said...

I love this idea of using this kit to help quit smoking.

I have an award on my blog for you today.

Love, Karen

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