Sunday, July 13, 2008

St. Moritz Neck Warmer

I know - it's too hot to think about winter, but you have to check out my latest neck warmer. It's wooly and warm and very fashionable for this Fall/Winter 2008 fashion season. When you wear it, you will feel like you're in St. Moritz, Switzerland, at a fancy ski resort. The neck warmer includes a satin ribbon woven through to tighten around the neck. You can also wear the neck warmer as a cowl. It's perfect to wear under your charcoal gray or black coat, without being bulky.

More information can be found at my Etsy store.

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"Scrapbook of Inspiration."

Auf wiedersehen - Darling!


KarenHarveyCox said...

I really love this neck warmer, it looks so Audrey Hepburn. These would look so nice if you have a coat with a v-neck too. Thanks for mentioning my blog, Susan.
Love Karen

MARIA said...

I visited your store - beautiful job. This is my favorite - "St. Moritz Neck Warmer".

I wish you a lot of blessings!