Friday, October 3, 2008

Felt Like Pink! Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday! Thank you, Beverly from How Sweet The Sound, for creating Pink Saturday. Please click on this link to visit Bev's blog and visit the numerous Pink Saturday postings.

Today, I'm doing a felting demo to show how to make a Pink Felted Neckwarmer. I hope you enjoy it. It's done in the wet felted technique.

First, I took black wool felt that is very soft and added hand-dyed fleece pieces in the colors of shocking pink and mango, as well as a wool and silk yarn meandering throughout.

Next I placed the entire piece on top of bubble wrap, sprayed it with hot soapy water, put a layer of plastic wrap on top, rolled it up with the pool noodle, tied it all together with old knee highs, and rolled it back and forth a few hundred times to get the felting process under way.

You know it's starting to felt when you do a check. Unrolling the bubble wrap you can pinch the fibers to see if they have meshed together and interlocked. Also, the fibers begin to poke through to the other side of the piece. If not, just roll it up again and roll, roll, roll!

Next comes the fulling process, which is a process of repeatedly dropping the piece onto the work surface to helps the fibers to interlock and shrinks the felt a little more.

Finally, after letting it dry, blocking the piece, making a button hole, and sewing on the black button, here's the Pink Felted Neckwarmer!

It will be available on my Etsy shop sometime on Saturday morning. This is so soft, light, warm, and pink of course!

Also, today my sister Karen (from and I want everyone to please visit our friend Judy's etsy shop. It's called JuJuzBeads's.

Judy makes beautiful pink seed bead peyote bracelets for breast cancer awareness. She is a breast cancer survivor herself and actually it was during that time that she discovered her hidden talent for bead weaving. Her bracelets are beautiful and she is such a survivor.

Judy had to go through a double mastectomy yesterday and my sister and I would like to encourage those of you who have an Etsy shop to please go to Judy's shop and heart her. She needs much encouragement. Please pray for Judy to have a speedy recovery and to continue to have faith and courage.

Thank you and have a nice Pink Saturday!



Happy Pink Saturday!

This is a beautiful PINK neckwarmer!
Thanks for the tutorial!

~ Gabriela ~

Jeanie said...

This is a fabulous technique! Someone gave me a similar piece and I've been trying to figure out for a year how to do it!

I'm a new PinkSat person, but I'm looking forward to visiting your blog often. I think I can learn a lot! (She said, after buying yarn yesterday she DID NOT NEED while vacationing!)

Melissa Wertz said...

Beautiful neck warmer! Happy Pink Saturday!

Smilingsal said...

Thanks for the instructions.

Please come visit for my Pink Saturday offering, and then click on the book in my sidebar for a Christian Fiction book giveaway!

Grandma Faith said...

Now that is an interesting process. Thanks for telling us all about it.

Dee Light said...

Lovely!! Thanks for the tutorial.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Hi Susan,
What a lovely neckwarmer. Thanks for the putting up the links for Judy. Love, Karen

Virginia said...

What a cool neckwarmer!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia

Patricia said...

Oh, your blog is so wonderful. I love knitting and your piece is lovely. Happy Pink Saurday.

imjacobsmom said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks for sharing your technique with us - very interesting! I'm off to visit JuJuzBeads and karen's blog. ~ Robyn

KatCollects said...

Very pretty, thank you for sharing the instructions. I hope your Saturday was a great one!

Shabby Kim said...

What a lovely and toasty neckwarmer you made. Beautiful!

Happy Late Pink Saturday!


Beverly said...

Oh my, Susan. This neckwarmer is exquisite. It is like a beautiful work of art. Your talent is awesome.

I am praying for your friend, Judy. She is certainly on a very difficult journey.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Stephanie said...

You make the coolest stuff..I'm so impressed.

Happy Pink Saturday!


Anonymous said...


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Happy Pinkness to you, the wet felting technique but I got hooked when I purchased my needlefelting machine! So much fiber and fabric, so little time..:0) Have a great week!

Queen of Dreamsz

Ed said...

I am sure the felting process is not as easy as it sounds - must take forever but I love the neckwarmer.

Virginia said...

This is a beautiful PINK neckwarmer!
Happy belated Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia