Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bootie Dog Sweater

Does your dog have a bit of a bootie or do they waddle when they walk? Well, here's the first "Bootie Dog" sweater. It's perfect for those little chubby dogs. Plus, it's too cold this Winter - your dog needs a sweater!

I finished designing and knitting this particular sweater a couple of weeks ago and my little Fiona was very happy to model it. Please view Fiona's videos on Youtube - scroll down a few posts to see them.

Fiona loves to model sweaters. She usually knows when she looks pretty too.

Please visit my Etsy store to see more details about the Bootie Dog Sweater and take a peek at my other Fiona Couture designs.


KarenHarveyCox said...

This sweater is so cute. Look at how cute Fiona looks. Especially that last photo.
Love, Karen

Anonymous said...

Fiona is adorable, and I agree that dogies need sweaters. I enjoy my visit with you, I just went to your sister's blog, my first time. I loved it and will be going back tomorrow and writing her, I want to spend time there. The evening is speeding by and still much to do. Give a hug to Fiona, visit me . Brook