Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dinosaur Hats

Here's my latest knitted design of a kid's dinosaur hat. It was knit for my friend's 3-year old little boy. He was so excited that he hugged it for a while. He was proud to wear it in the grocery store too.

This hat will fit a child to teen size head. It has the purple-blue ridgy and purple crocheted eyes.

It's my version of the Godzilla Hat for kids. He's a happy dinosaur as you can notice his "knit-in" teeth and smile.

I also made a second dinosaur hat. You can find this hat for sale in my Etsy store. This one is knit in "camo-dino" yarn with a lime green ridgy. The eyes and mouth are knit right into the hat.

I'm going to design and knit a pink dinosaur hat for girls. There's not too many dinosaur items for girls and they certainly like them too!



Ulla said...

these are wonderful!!!

Wesker said...

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