Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stone Wall Organic Garden

This is Stone Wall Organic Garden - all of our seeds are organic and most of them were purchased from an Israeli company. We started the seedlings in our 3-season porch. The garden is 30' by 80' and my husband rototilled the entire thing!

These are two types of potato plants:

Here are the rows of potato plants:

This is a squash plant:

Tomato plants: We planted 70 plants of different varieties and plan on selling them at the local farm market, plus canning.

Panaramic view of the garden and the old, stone, barn wall on our property - made of Pennsylvania field stone from the 1950s!

Our garden is named Stone Wall Organic Garden.

Photo on left: parsley. Photo on right: left side- garlic, then peas (front left), and the rest are rainbow carrots!

All organic, we also planted basil, watermelon, chives, turnips, beets, Swiss chard, green beans, wax beans, and two types of lettuce.

Here's a link to the garden Youtube video of the entire garden.

I made a salad last weekend of whatever was ready to pick.

I added my own twist on Julia Child's vinegrette: (Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic white wine vinegar, organic horseradish mustard, a dash of organic honey, salt and pepper) wisk and voila!

Remember, eat organic food whenever possible! Bon appetit!

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TattingChic said...

That garden looks fabulous! Lucky you! I blog hopped over here from your Sister Karen's blog.

I LOVE organic food, good for you for growing your own. You really are lucky to be able to do that! :)