Saturday, June 13, 2009

Serger Crochet - Something New and Fun

Here it is - my first attempt at "Serger Crochet" using my Babylock Image Wave Serger! You can actually sew on threads! It ends up looking like a ruffle as you shorten the stitch length.

I made two scarves from stretch knit fabric -- and lots of thread -- for the wavy fringe edging - called "Serger Crochet."

It's light and fun to wear - please visit my etsy shop PA Fiber Artist to see more details.

I folded this scarf in half (lengthwise) and rolled it into this flower. It also stands by itself and looks like an icecream cone!

Wear it as a scarf or a neckwarmer:

Here are some serger crochet closeups:

Go to my Etsy shop - PA Fiber Artist - to see more!
Au revoir!

1 comment:

KarenHarveyCox said...

This came out really lovely. I like how it looks all wrapped up too.

Love, Karen