Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mixed Media Collage Expressions

Dear All:

First of all -- Happy Veterans' Day!  Thanks to all of the troops who have fought for our country and sacrificed to keep us safe!

Here are some of my latest pieces.  

I've been making mixed media collages from antique bits, lace pieces, buttons, photos transferred to fabric and tinted with walnut ink, antique jewelry and bling.  The hanging piece is antique linen ribbon.  This has a denim pocket attachment, with an antique "Rules for Daily Life" pamphlet inside the pocket.    

The edge of the piece is trimmed in lace which matches the pocket as it's the color of dark navy ink. The bottom of the pocket has an antique rhinestone necklace attached and there is a piece of polka dot antique ribbon with the word "Blessings" printed onto fabric and affixed to the ribbon.

This piece hangs with an antique costume beaded necklace.  There is an antique hanky as the background, a vintage postcard printed onto fabric, delicate lace doily, and rhinestone broach.  There are antique buttons and a dainty pearl necklace piece at the top.

 I'm not sure why I made these, but it's definitely a creative expression from within!  It's fun to do too!

This is one of my favorites!  This photo is a tin-type photo and the imprint shows NYC.  The backing has antique sheet music, a very old doily, antique buttons, and an antique pearl bracelet at the bottom with a fancy one-of-a-kind clasp.  It is hung with antique linen ribbon.

 They must have been a wealthy mother and daughter to be able to afford a photo back at that time.

Au devoir!  I promise I will post more often!

Best regards,

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