Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Seasons of Yarn

It's that time of year to start knitting, crocheting, and weaving. When you have lived in Vermont for as long as I did, the seasons of yarn crafts were something to look forward to. When it starts to get cold and there's the first snow, you need to stay warm and knitting is a great way to feel cozy and warm.

It's life transforming when you are able to attend a knitting bee in an old Vermont farmhouse, eat pumpkin soup and homemade bread, drink tea, and -- of course -- you knit something! Click, click, click go the needles, conversation, crackling fire, warmth, the smell of apple pie, and snow flurries!

Above you will see my latest fun-and-easy-to-wear neckwarmer, made with Noro 100% self-striping wool. Noro yarn is made in small batches in Japan by a very regal and nostalgic wool designer. Each batch is unique and special.

Also, take a look at the skinny scarf shown below. It's so soft and fluffy, light and warm too. This scarf is definitely a show-stopper! Very pretty and fashionable too. It's knit with turquoise alpaca yarn and calypso eyelash yarn, which creates a fun texture.

Including the fringe, this scarf measures 82" long by 2" wide. Wrap it around your neck a few times to create a fuzzy neckwarmer, wear it as a sash, or simply tie a French knot for a Parisian look.

If you have the time, try taking a knitting or crocheting class. You can learn to make beautiful gifts for your family, friends, and even yourself! If you want to see more of my items, please visit my etsy store at pafiberartist.etsy.com.

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